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Benefits of working with Palm Consulting

As a business owner you have a finite amount of time and many different responsibilities. The premise of our practice is to free your time so you can grow your business and use your expertise where it benefits your bottom line the most. Working in your business all day and taking care of the accounting and finances at night or on the weekends (or just letting it all pile up) is a common trap of business owners. You have the best of intentions, but between running a business and having a life something that you don't enjoy or understand falls to the bottom of the list. Business administration, accounting, and policies/procedures are our passion and we'd like to share it with you.

You could fly to Hawaii for your vacation by spending thousands of dollars on equipment and hours on acquiring a pilot's license, but if you don't love flying then it's probably not the best investment of your time or money. You'd just hire a professional by purchasing a plane ticket!

Trust us with your accounting and financial management needs and start enjoying your business.

Our customers enjoy:

A custom selection of accounting services to support their businesses. There's no one size fits all here. In addition to traditional bookkeeping and accounting, we can work with your existing staff, take on special projects, or handle sensitive information.

Expert help from the start. From opening your accounts to setting up your software, we can develop lean and executable financial procedures for you. Keeping things simple and evolving over time is our rule of thumb—capture critical information without clogging up your database.

External management or support for their existing accounting staff. We can help train your employees, provide accounting management services, or solve higher level accounting problems.

A streamlined view of their finances. We efficiently create a big picture view by implementing the best accounting technologies available.

"We want to take a minute to say thank you. As you know, you have been providing excellent service to our law firm since 2009. Your skill and expertise in organizing our financial accounts and providing excellent customer service allows us to practice law rather than focus on the accounting aspects of the firm."
—Michael Horrow, Donahue and Horrow Law